Thursday, June 11, 2015

Father's Day Ideas - Personalized Jewelry For Dads

Personalized for Dad. 
Add up to five rows of names or dates to this classic men's dog tag necklace in sterling silver and let Dad keep his most treasured people close to his heart.
Oxidized and matte finished, this necklace includes a 26" ball chain.

Order before Saturday June 13 and get Free Shipping
on all orders $50 and up. Use Code PFD33

Friday, June 5, 2015

Art For Your Fingers - New Sculpted Rings Collection

These substantial rings were each sculpted by hand in wax, then cast into solid silver. 
Small Swirl Ring
(Bottom) Chic and modern, this wear everywhere ring is going to be your go-to accessory.

Sizes 5-9, these rings can easily be adjusted slightly bigger or smaller. 


Joanne Hart | New Collection


Sculpted Rings

Big Swirl Ring
(Top Left) This bold ring wraps around your finger like it was made for you.
Talk To Me Ring
(Middle) Avant Garde design and comfort makes this wearable art a real conversation piece.
Available in  either a High Polish Shiny Finish or a Soft, Glowing Matte Finish.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekend Only Sale - Save For Mother's Day!

Weekend Only Sale! 
Store-wide Savings!
Mother's Day is next Sunday, May 10th. Check out these inspired ideas for yourself, and your Mom.
  • Our Bouquet Ring, for a stunning and feminine statement.
  • Fingerprint Bracelet Kit - Give the kit for Mom to make a fingerprint charm bracelet from her children's actual fingerprints, and make that day and moment last forever.
  • Personalize a classic heart bracelet with Mom's Name
  • Create a Personalized Gold Infinity Necklace featuring loved ones' names
Please make a note to let us know if you want your order to arrive by next Friday, May 8. If we get your order this weekend, we can get it there in time! If for some reason we can't ship it right away, we will let you know immediately. 


Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Difference Between White, Rose, and Yellow Gold

Gold is an enduring, naturally-found element that has captured the hearts and minds of humans since antiquity. It has distinctive properties that make is the most coveted of all precious metals.  It is strong, resistant to tarnish and corrosion, yet it is extremely malleable.

All pure gold is 24 karat, which is far too soft to use for fine jewelry. In order to improve strength and durability, gold must be alloyed, or mixed with other metals.  That process also creates the different colors of gold that most people are familiar with. Colored golds are less than 24 karats, and when used to create jewelry, the pieces are typically 75 percent gold (18k), 58 percent gold (14k) or 38 percent gold (9k). Gold’s color is determined by the type of metal alloys in the material and the percentage of each of those alloys. There is no difference in the value of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold when comparing pieces of the same pure gold karat.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is what most people picture first when they hear the word “gold.” It gets its rich color and shine from a mix of gold and color-saturated alloys like copper with a red hue and silver with a green hue.

White Gold

White gold can range in color from pale yellow to brown. Because white gold comes in such a variety of colors, jewelry is often coated in rhodium plating, which most people believe is the actual “white gold” itself. 

The alloys in white gold can vary. Many gold pieces are made up of gold, nickel and copper, though nickel can cause an allergic reaction in many people. Other white gold pieces are a gold, palladium, silver mix.  Palladium, nickel and zinc are the primary bleaching agents of white gold.

The composition of a piece of white gold jewelry is often determined by the piece itself. Rings, pins and pendants require hard metals, so they likely contain more nickel than earrings, for example. Palladium is often added in bracelets and chains, or in pieces where the white gold will be used for gemstone settings, as palladium makes the metal more malleable.

Rose Gold

Rose gold, also called pink gold and red gold, is typically associated with antique jewelry. It was popular in the 19th century, especially among Russian royalty. Rose gold jewelry is often cast in 18 karat gold and consists of about 21 percent copper and 4 percent silver to create the rose hue.

Is Any Single Color of Gold Better Than Another?

There is no difference in value between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The real difference simply comes down to aesthetics. It can be more difficult to find rose gold jewelry than white or yellow because its popularity waned for many years, and it can take dealers a bit longer to find goldsmiths who work in rose gold. This can often drive up the price of rose gold jewelry, but it does not make the piece any more valuable over time.

Trends and tastes change. Rose gold is becoming more fashionable after an almost Century-long drop in popularity. The vintage look of rose gold has made it a favorite in custom jewelry design. White gold became extremely popular in the 1990’s but yellow gold is also making a comeback. Whether a shopper is looking to stay on top of trends or create a classic look, one can never when they follow their own preferences and tastes. 

Naomi Shaw
Journalist, Beautician and Full-Time Mom

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fresh Cut Designs & a Sale!

Mother's Day Sale! 
Order before April 30th to get our Fresh Cut Flower Designs
and Personalized Jewellery in time for Mother's Day.
Adjustable Ring one size fits all

Sterling Silver Climber Earrings



Friday, March 13, 2015

Silver Pinwheel and Birthstone Ring

Inspired by the whimsical pinwheels that enchant children, this mini version comes as a sterling silver ring, complete with a sparkling lab grown ruby.
Blow straight down on the ring and it really spins! 

Available in any birthstone color, or special order this item with a genuine gemstone, just email or call for a quote. Click here for more information on this Pinwheel Ring!
Click the arrow and see the pinwheel spin!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Personalized Silver Secret Message Spinner Necklace

This sterling silver necklace is inspired by Victorian Valentine's Day jewellery. The giver has a secret message for his loved one. The wearer spins the charm to reveal a secret message that says "I LOVE YOU".
These can be personalized with your own saying, a name or a special date to create a charming and romantic keepsake necklace. Kid's love this too - get one that reveals their name to truly delight them.
Spin the Charm on the Secret Message Necklace >>>

Personalized Men's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Love your Man! 
These hunky, solid sterling silver bracelets are the perfect way to tell your man that you love him. Personalize it with his favorite saying, song lyrics, or an anniversary date (that is one way he will always remember it!) For Dads, get their child's name and birth date, or two names. These personalized men's bracelets are available in three styles and finishes.

Custom Wedding and Engagement Rings in Vancouver. Design, view and get a quote on your custom ring in real time!

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Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire Custom Ring
18 Karat Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire Ring Set.

Introducing our new online jewellery designer website. We are pleased to be able to bring you, in partnership with our suppliers of fine gemstones and findings, a place where you can mix and match gemstones and metals to create the most stunning and spectacular rings that you can imagine.

Get real time quotes of your ideal wedding band or diamond halo engagement ring in the precious metals of your choice. From sterling silver to any color and karat gold, to platinum, this site offers the opportunity to fully research your ideal custom ring design. Ever been curious about how much a 2 carat Emerald might cost set on an 18 karat white gold band? You can see that here.
Design your own engagement and men's and women's wedding bands. Or, create a stunning cocktail or anniversary ring. You can see multiple views of your design, add a matching wedding band, and even select the cut, carat, and clarity of gemstones from this site.

When you are ready to purchase it, you can do so right then and there, and receive an estimate on how long it might take. Or, if you want to further personalize your wedding rings, we can use your existing gemstones and even recycle your existing gold and silver jewelry to use in your rings. Call 604.602.1921 or email today to start creating your totally personal custom jewellery.
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