Thursday, April 17, 2008


A couple of years ago we made this necklace for Will Smith to wear in the movie I Robot. It was actually a plot point in the movie, because in the beginning of the movie a girl dies, and she's wearing the necklace. Will Smith's character tries to save her, but can't, and he takes the necklace from around her neck, and puts it around his own.

You can creage your own personalized I ROBOT necklace just like the one Will Smith wears in the movie here:
But of course you can add any name you like.

Here is a preview of the movie. You can see Will Smith wearing it at about 1.06. Will Smith actually chose this necklace from among several to wear in the movie.


Leon said...

Where Can I Buy This From ??

Luxe Design said...

Hi Leon! You can buy the Letterboxs from our site at