Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Check out this cool little feature we had on wish.ca.

Personalized Jewellery
I was a wreck last week when I couldn’t find my favourite charm necklace. It’s a simple silver chain with a series of tokens I’ve collected along the years – a silver starfish my father gave me, a classic Tiffany & Co. lock and a rocker-esque rose and thorn charm (for some reason this odd combination feels very me). But in its absence, I designed a new necklace from Vancouver-based Luxe Design. You start by choosing a base from several styles of silver chain, then fill it up with charms – everything from flowers and gemstone beads to empowering words and personalized, stamped name plates. In about a week, you’ll find a unique piece of jewellery at your door. I’ve since found the necklace I was looking for, but I’ve made room on my neck for this new one, too. - Alison Lawler-Dean, Fashion Associate
Silver charm necklace, $145 (as pictured), Luxe Design, luxe-design.com.


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