Monday, November 1, 2010

This is where I belong... and Xmas deadlines!

We have been updating the images on our customizable charms to show some examples of the personalization that you can do. We particularly love the spiral layout. Below are a few pictures of our favorites, with links to the products. Also, scroll down to see our 2010 Holiday delivery deadlines!

Christmas & Holiday Order Deadlines
Don't wait until the last day to order!

I know, it seems early but we have been busily preparing for our busy Holiday season all month. Because each of our items is made by hand to order, it really helps to have enough time to create each personalized keepsake piece of jewelry. Shipping times are on top of the time it takes to make your items. If you are planning to bring tears to the eyes of your beloved by giving him or her that amazing personalized gift of Luxe Design jewellery, it would be better to order it sooner rather than later! If you want something to arrive before Dec. 24th this year, please order it before the deadline for your area. This will ensure you will get every thing you want, and you can choose the cheapest shipping costs.

US Residents - December 7th
(this is the XpressPost Shipping, 3-6 Days, $15. Ground does not have a guaranteed delivery date)
Canadian Residents - December 12th
Vancouver Residents - December 16th

We may be out of stock on particular items, you may have to pay more for shipping, you may not be able to have it until January, or, we might just get it to you in time after all. We have pulled off many a Christmas miracle, and we will have to see where we are at the time. But why risk it?

Toronto One of A Kind Show
November 25- December 5
Booth # T-54

Order by NOV. 14
To pick up at
Toronto One of A Kind Show
use code: PUOAKSTEN at checkout.

Vancouver One of A Kind Show
December 9 - December 12
Booth # H1
Order by DEC.1
To pick up at
Vancouver One of A Kind Show
use code: PUVAN10 at checkout.

So, you don't live anywhere near those cities? It's ok, for our plentiful American and International newsletter members, (and everyone else who gets our newsletter) we are offering free GROUND shipping on any orders of $100 or more! Use code: FS166. Expires Dec. 7. 2010. (*Note - ground shipping does not have guaranteed delivery dates so please order EARLY if you want to receive your items before Dec. 24th. Otherwise you will have to upgrade to XPRESS POST)

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