Monday, September 26, 2011

Clever Phone Number Charms & a Secret

Great idea - Kid's phone number charms.
New Chain Length - 28' is the best ever.
Free shipping over $150.00!

Sending your child off to school or pre-school can be a little unnerving. Your child is under someone else’s care, and that can make you both feel a little vulnerable. You and your child can feel a little safer with his phone number on a charm around his neck. You can get a sterling silver charm custom made with your phone number that any child can wear on a chain.
You can keep it hidden by putting a simple word or intial on the front, and putting the phone number on the back. We have two perfect designs that allow you to add a phone number, and we can make them in silver or gold. You can also add the child’s initial, and a pretty gemstone for the girls, 
                                                     or keep it simple on silver 
                                                       or leather necklaces for 
                                                    the boys.

Flip side shows only an initial.
You can create your own version of this in the SHOP SILVER CHARMS section of the site.

This one is inspired by one of our customers. She ordered one for each of her kids. One side shows the phone number and the other side shows the word L(Heart)VE. This version features the child's initial, a Large Amethyst (February's Birthstone), and our new Baby Heart Charm, all on a 16' 2mm Cable chain necklace. Mix and match and 
                                                           design your own!
You can have this side facing forward to keep the phone number private.
                                                            NEW CHAIN LENGTH - 28'
This is one of the charm necklaces that the designer wears herself. It features a 28' chain, two Baby Lowercase Letter initial charms, a Rose charm, a Samara charm, and an Open Oval charm that reads 'ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE'. The initials represent her children, but you can have them represent yourself and your partner, two 
                                                       sisters, your pets, or anything 
                                                           that is meaningful to you.

Click here to order this, and to make ordering easy, just use the drop down menus to choose your two charms and your own saying! Choose from more than 20 of our popular sayings!

We are currently obsessed with this length in this chain - it's new, and so versatile! Click here to learn more.

If you have checked out our Deals & Secrets page, you would have seen that there is a free shipping code for orders over $150! Use code FS22150 at checkout.

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