Friday, June 15, 2012

This little Owl charm is a symbol of Wisdom, Protection & Transition. What a perfect symbol to wear during times of change. Life is always marching forward and although things usually work out for the best, sometimes when you are in the middle of the change it can feel very difficult. This Owl can be worn to remind you that your inner wisdom will guide you, and you are safe along the way.  The Sterling Silver Owl charm also makes a wonderful graduation gift. As you move into your next adventure, this wise Owl guides you safely along your path through the darkness.


Knowledge, Wisdom, Intelligence, Wealth, Protection, Transition

These fascinating creatures have a long history of symbolism. In Ancient Egypt, the Owl was said to aid in the transport of souls into the next life and was thus considered a protector of the dead. Perhaps because Owls are nocturnal and can see in the dark, they were considered the rulers of the night and secret keepers. This was also part of First Nations and Native American cultures who revered the owl's ability to foretell weather conditions and invoked the spirit of the owl when secret knowledge was required.

In Ancient Greece, the Owl symbolized knowledge and intelligence which in turn signified wealth and status. The Owl was the creature associated with Athena, goddess of learning.

In Africa & Australia the owls were the familiar pets of medicine men, seers & sorcerers and were the transporters of secrets. European culture also signifies the owl as the companion of witches.
Here is the Owl in action, celebrating a graduation. This necklace also features our Personalized Medium Oval Date Charm, A Four Leaf Clover Charm, A Small Blue Onyx Bead Charm and a Large Faceted Turquoise Bead Charm.

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