Wednesday, July 11, 2012

S A L E ! Check the site for details.

Sterling Silver LIVE Skull Charm
This Sterling Silver Skull Charm bears a positive message in his smile: LIVE. This charm reminds you to live for today, because you never know when it may be your last.

This charm serves as a reminder to live in the moment.

Sterling Silver Customizable Dragon Charm
The Dragon is a symbol of courage, strength and passion. This Sterling Silver Dragon charm is great for men, and was created as an alternative to a tattoo; it will last longer than your physical body will and serves as a powerful reminder of a loved one. Men can express their passion and love by personalizing a silver charm with the name of the person they love most.

This Dragon charm can be personalized with a child's name in our small font to create the perfect gift for a father. Or add his or her initials in our large font and slide this on a long 26" inch blackened 1.3 cable chain to create a sexy necklace for a man or a woman.

This Sterling Silver Dragon Charm symbolizes wealth, power, strength, courage and passion.

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