Sunday, November 4, 2012

Designing The Perfect Personalized Gift

People choose our jewelry as an expression of what matters most to them.
Our most popular designs are those with the names of loved ones, whether they are children or furry friends. When creating a necklace with someone else in mind, come up with a list of what is most important to them, and also what they mean to you.

We always suggest starting with the largest piece, and you have to choose that based on what you want to say.
If you have a family of four or more that you want to create a piece around, our most popular starting point by far is the Open Circle or Open Oval. From there add all the symbolic charms that represent what that person loves; a Plane for travel, a Cross or Om charm to represent their spirit, animal charms, and birthstones. Angels and Wings can represent lost loved ones, as well as a Forget Me Not Flower.

Sometimes a friend could use a great inspirational saying that sums up where they are in their lives now, or that you have their back;"Barn Burned Down, Now I See the Moon.", "Everything Unfolds As It Should", "Live, Laugh, Love" "Just Be You", "You Are Loved" and "Follow Your Heart" are all messages people love to receive. Another lovely way to honor them is to simply create a charm with words that describe them or what they do; "Inspire, Teach, Love, Play"

A Great Men's Option - Our Open Rectangle on a 22" Blackened 1.3 Cable.

 Everyone's most coveted Bracelet! The 5 Strand Story of my Life Bracelet with Personalized Charms:

If you ever have any questions or need some guidance, don't hesitate to call or email! We are here to help you make your perfect, meaningful gift and we want you to love it! Call: 604.602.1921 Toll Free: 1.866.576.7830 Email:

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