Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Personalized Angel's Wing Charm

New Angel's Wing Charm
Introducing our Sterling Silver Personalized Angel's Wing Charm. The Angel's Wing symbolizes protection and guidance for the wearer. This charm looks pretty all by itself and becomes even more meaningful with the added personalization of a word, name or date.

Adorned with your own name, wear this if you need a little extra guidance. You can also personalize this Angel's Wing charm with a word that is meaningful to you. Our favorites are; GUIDED, PROTECTED, BLESSED, BELIEVE, FAITH, and TRUST.

The Personalized Angel Wing Charm makes a wonderful gift for a mother with a new babe. Get the child's name on the front and birth date on the back to symbolize the angels watching over mother & child.

The Angel's wing is a thoughtful memorial gift too. A sterling Angel's Wing adorned with a loved one's name is a lovely way to keep that person close to you and remember that they are now one of your own Angels, always with you.


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