Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Charm

Sterling Silver Personalized Crescent Moon Charm
This silver crescent moon charm can be worn on its own as a focal point, and can be personalized with any names, words or numbers to create a special and meaningful piece of jewelry. We offer it two ways, in Large Font, and in Small Font, and it can also be personalized on the back. Click the pictures for more details
Shown with our Starfish, Small Hematine bead, and our Heavy Cable Toggle in Large Font "CELESTE"
The crescent moon is one of man's earliest symbols, appearing as early as 2300 BC. This moon pendant makes a statement when combined with a star and a sparkling bead. The direction of this silver moon charm indicates it is waxing, or growing larger. The waxing moon symbolizes growth and attainment, the perfect symbol for someone who is ready to manifest something new or long sought after in their life. It can also symbolically and literally represent pregnancy which makes it a great charm for a child's name.

The moon is also partly responsible for the rising and falling of the tides. This sterling moon charm pairs well aesthetically and symbolically our starfish charm.


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